123 Math Vids


Learning to work with excel:                                                                Time: 5:01

This video demonstrates the basics involved with using excel for statistical analysis.






Introduction to Statistics:                                                                       Time: 6:32

Chapter Titles: What is Statistics, Population vs Samples, Descriptive vs Inferential, Sampling, Data


Data Organization:                                                                                  Time: 8:59

Chapter Titles: Frequency Distributions, Excel, and Stem and Leaf Plots

Measures of Central Tendency:                                                          Time: 15:20

Chapter Titles: Median, Mode, Midrange, Mean, Weighted Mean, Excel, and Graph Analysis

Measures of Variation:                                                                          Time: 7:51

Chapter Titles: Range, Variance, Standard Deviation, Sample vs Population, Excel, and Applications

Measures of Position:                                                                            Time: 18:18


Chapter Titles: Standard Score, Standard Score with Excel, Percentiles, Deciles and Quartiles, Excel, and Visualizing Percentiles

Box Plots:                                                                                                  Time: 2:54


This video describes how to use Percentile information to create a Box Plot

Probability Distributions:                                                                       Time: 4:05


Chapter Titles: Introduction, Rules.

Measures of Probability Distributions:                                              Time: 7:52


Chapter Titles: Mean, Variance, Standard Deviation, and Summary.

Binomial Distribution:                                                                             Time: 16:26


Chapter Titles: Conditions, Probability Equation, Excel, and Summary.

Normal Distribution:                                                                                Time: 19:29


Chapter Titles: Characteristics, Identification, Applications, Excel, and Summary.

Central Limit Theorem:                                                                          Time: 16:23


Chapter Titles: Central Limit Theorem, Example, Visual Description, Correction Factor, and Summary.