123 Math Vids


Introduction to Sets:                                                                                Time: 9:45

This video discusses the basics concepts and symbols associated with sets.



Counting Techniques:                                                                           Time: 11:18

Chapter Titles: Multiplication, Permutations, Combinations, and Summary.



Probability Spaces:                                                                                 Time: 10:27

Chapter Titles: Probability Spaces, Example, and Summary.


Conditional Probability:                                                                         Time: 14:46

Chapter Titles: Texas Hold’em, Checking Dependence, Roulette, Bayes Formula, and Summary


Random Variables:                                                                                 Time: 4:48

This video discusses random variables and distributions.


Random Variables Examples:                                                             Time: 7:02

This video provides two example problems associated with random variables.


Probability Overview:                                                                             Time: 18:59

This video is a simplified overview of all the concepts covered in the previous videos. Links are provided within this video to the other videos for clarification of main points