123 Math Vids

Differential Equations

Cauchy Euler Equations                                                      Time: 30:33

This video is an introduction to solving DE’s in the form of Cauchy Euler Equations. Example problems are included.




Modeling Mixture Problem :                          *wmv format                Time: 16:41

This video solves a mixture problem involving the mixture of two solutions. Separation of variables and integration by partial fractions are demonstrated.

Variation of Parameters Problem :                                                    Time: 13:28

This video solves a 2nd order, linear, non-homogeneous DE with constant coefficients via variation of parameters.

Solving a System via Elimination :                                                    Time: 13:50

This video solves a system of first order linear DEs using the Elimination method. Two methods are described for finding the solution to the second variable.

Modeling Spring Position :                                                                    Time: 17:12

This video discusses how to model the position of a mass attached to a spring with DEs. The simple situation is described and a sample problems is solved.

Undetermined Coefficients :                                                                Time: 14:19

This video discusses how to find a particular solution using the method of undetermined coefficients.

Video Study Guided

Slope Field Diagrams :                                                                          Time: 18:11

This video discusses how to create and use slope field diagrams via hand and mathematica. Autonomous Des are also discussed.